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3 Star Hotel Starý pivovar is located in the building of old Motol's brewery. History of this building begins in 12th century and it was declared as a protected landmark in 2001. Thanks to sensible reconstruction during the period 2003 – 2006 was built up here hotel with well-preserved historical components.

History of the Hotel Starý Pivovar

To beginning times of Motol is extant the oldest document from 1146, where the king Vladislav presented his Motol´s estates and liege people to Plasy Monastery. Since 13th century is Motol in property of Saint George Monastery. Owners of farmsteads were changing very often after Hussite wars. In 1631 was Motol reminded again as a farmstead of virgin Saint George Monastery.

In the first middle of 17th century is to the farmsteads and farm land related permission to construction of mill (furthermore pub, that is mentioned in 1607, when was soled out and gathered together with another farm land and mill ). After other property changes during 17th and 18th century becomes owner in 1747 Maltese friary and finally gained all Motol manor.

Probably in that time after middle of 18th century was the pub rebuilt into brewery, which was first mentioned in 1826. Also reported in 1845. In the end of 19th century was made some construction work and enlargement of the building as documented by Maltese shield and also character of the building on the east side of brewery. During this construction work was the brewery rebuilt on steam - engine. It was in ownership of Maltese friary like whole Motol grange as well until 1922, when the Prag municipality bought it from friary. One year later in 1923 was production in brewery stopped. After that was brewery used as a beer stock.

In 1901 was brewery hired out to maltster Vojtech Richter, since 1909 until 1912 to Jozef Richter, who brewed here popular porter "Richteruv lezak". Jozef Richter as a renter of former brewery used the building furthermore in 20th and 30th years of 20th century.

By the modern enlargement of Plzenska street were the north wing of brewery and also the boiler room destroyed. In 1974, on the instant with construction of the road, was also destroyed the west part of the wing.

There stayed the high two-storied corner house of deep forest on the west side. Frontage walls project into low triangle shields. Facades are vertically structured by shallow piedroits. Upon the 2nd floor are piedroits intersect by narrow moulded ledge. In frontage of the west facade is located the shield of Maltese friary, bellow is a friary of Golden fleece. Heraldic components are gold – coated.